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Cost of Litigation

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There is no question that the experience of a court trial is very traumatic. For some people, it is an emotionally scarring experience that shapes parenting decisions for years to come.

Like any other new experience, learning from those who have gone before you is priceless. How do you decide if you should settle at all costs, or go to court, and ask a judge to decide custody and parenting time decisions for you? There is no right or wrong strategy; how you proceed is a question of risk. What are the risks if you lose, and how much will that approach cost you?

When deciding whether to pursue litigation, keep in mind the following:

  • First, what is the financial cost of paying an attorney to litigate? Litigating a custody case can be extremely expensive. For the cost of custody litigation, you can probably send your child to college, without financial aid, for one or two years. A lesser consideration is what will this cost you in child support, although hopefully your concern is about what is best for your child first, and the cost of child support last.
  • Second, you have to evaluate the “legal costs.” What is it going to cost you in legal rights if you do or do not go to court? Custody has legal rights associated with it, parenting time has legal rights associated with it, and any specifics that you have in a judgment, such as the right to be consulted before major decisions are made, is a legal right.
  • Third, what will it cost you emotionally? This could be the emotional cost of what can be a highly emotionally charged experience, or the emotional cost of living with yourself if you don’t follow through with what you believe to be the correct course of action for yourself or your child. Your lawyer and therapist can help you weigh the costs of court.

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Do not fear court, fear your own fear. You cannot be so frightened of going to court that you make a decision that you will not be able to live with, or become so angry that you want to litigate and “win” at all costs. Be realistic that going to trial is not a pleasure vacation, but neither is it time in a prison camp.

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