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Rose L. Hubbard has been a family law attorney for over 30 years, both in Oregon and Washington. In any kind of family law issue, ranging from property division to spousal support to international child abduction cases, Rose continually looks for a way to create solutions that will work for each family. If a mutually agreed upon solution is not possible, Rose is an experienced litigator who is well known and respected in the courtroom, and will be able to present the best possible facts to the court so that the court will have the facts to make a reasonable and fair decision. A fierce advocate for children, Rose frequently tells clients that “my hidden client is your child. You want what’s best for your child, and I will always be looking out for your child as well.” Rose has been representing children in divorce actions for over 25 years, ranging from age 2 to age 17, and through direct advocacy for children, can help parents and the court find solutions that fit the needs of the child.

“I genuinely care about what happens to my clients. Everyone has a story and needs to have that story heard. I see every divorce as a way to help people get their life back on track in a way that minimizes damage to the kids. I love what I do because I see it as making a difference.”

Rose also believes strongly in finding ways to give back to the community. Rose frequently represents children at the request of judges on a volunteer basis, which often results in children having greater resilience coming out of a high conflict divorce process. She also has gone on trips to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she goes to areas of extreme poverty to work on rebuilding buildings after an earthquake, giving eye exams and making prescription glasses, as well as teaching canning skills. Another project that Rose feels passionate about is working to frame houses that are then donated to Habitat for Humanity to begin a house for a family in need of affordable housing. Rose also volunteers on her church’s Staff Parish Relations Committee to handle personnel issues. Rose also plays flute in a band, as well as performs solos or small group performances, as time and lip strength allow.

Rose has a wide variety of personal interests, ranging from photography to cooking to gardening to kayaking to travel. Some of the interesting pictures in her office are her pictures from India, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt and Costa Rica. There is always a new experience out there waiting to happen. Rose is especially enthusiastic about spending time with her husband and two dogs, as well as being a very actively involved grandmother to three grandchildren.